Twelve papers are accepted by ICA 2024

| January 12, 2024

Twelve papers have been accepted by ICA 2024. The 74th Annual ICA Conference will take place in Gold Coast, Australia:

  1. Fan, H., Yan, L., & Wang, C. J. (2024). Moral Foundations of Hate Speech: Evidence from the Tweets of Russo-Ukrainian War. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  2. Chen Z. (2024). Tales of Twin Forums on the Dark and Surface Web: Exploring Social Behaviors in Anonymous Online Communities. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  3. Chen Z., Meng X., Wang C. J. (2024). The Dark Web Privacy Dilemma: Talkativeness, Linguistic Diversity, and User Engagement on the Cryptomarket Forums. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  4. Yu W., Chen Z., Meng X. (2024). Propagating COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories: The Influence of Right-Wing Sources. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  5. Yan X.F., Shi S. Wei W., & Wang, C. J. (2024) Discussing Housing Price Increases May Leads to a Decrease: How Real Estate Narratives Influence Housing prices in China has been accepted for presentation. The 74th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), 20-24 June, 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  6. Zhang Y., Wang Y., Yan L., Liu Y. (2024) Unraveling the NFT Narrative Labyrinth: Persuasive Effects of Interactive Engagement and Structure on Transaction Attention. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  7. Zhang Y., Li Y., Zhang H., Yan X. F., Wang C. J. (2024) Uncovering the Cascading Structure of Bitcoin Narrative: The Role of Elites, Influencers, Media, and Public Emotion in Predicting Bitcoin Marketplace. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  8. Chen Z., Huang S., & Wang, C. J. (2024) Weaving Behavioral Cocoons in Modern Life: Understanding Acceleration of the Pace of Life with Word Embedding. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  9. Lyu X., & Wang, C.J. (2024) Jumping over the cultural threshold: Analyzing the narrative genes of world memorable figures in Wikipedia with word embedding models. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  10. Jiang, X. (2024). Extended Abstract: Multi-dimensional Narratives Promote the Spread of Anti-Asian Hate Speech and Counter-speech on Twitter During Covid-19: Political, Emotional, and Moral. ICA 2024, Gold Coast, Australia.
  11. Yang Y. Y.; Zhou Y. X. (2024). How does friendship among adolescents affect cyberbullying: A longitudinal social network analysis
  12. Pan X.; Zhou Y. X. (2024). Gatekeeping in online news comments: How exposure to comments moderated by news outlets affect public opinion?