Six papers are accepted by ICA 2023

| January 25, 2023

During 25 May-29 May 2023, the hybrid 73rd Annual ICA Conference will take place both in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and online, with synchronous sessions that incorporate both audience. We have six papers being acceptecd, among wich five papers are led by students.

  1. Yixiao Sun; Xue-Fei Yan; Yaotian Zhang; Zhicong Chen; Cheng-Jun Wang * (2023) From Imperialism to Cultural Imperialism: Localized Versus Globalized Advertisements of Imported Commodities in China (1932–1937).
  2. Lihan Yan; Yiwei Ni; Xiangling Tan; Xinya Jiang; Zhicong Chen;Cheng-Jun Wang * (2023) The Narrative Gene of Collective Gatekeeping: Pandemic, Government Regularization, Economic Development, and the Publicness of Weibo Hot Search (2020-2021).
  3. Zepeng Gou; Youqin Wu; Xinzhi Zhang; Cheng-Jun Wang * (2023)Yesterday Once More: Collective Storytelling Constitutes the Success of Digital Cultural Products on Music Streaming Platforms.
  4. Xue-Fei Yan; Linyan Lu; Zhicong Chen; Cheng-Jun Wang * (2023) Social Acceleration, Play, and Behavior Cocoon: Analyzing the Impact of ICT Use on Daily Behavior in the United Kingdom.
  5. Yaotian Zhang; Gongjing Lu; Yixiao Sun; Zhicong Chen;Cheng-Jun Wang * (2023) Traversing the Valley of Despair in Affective Mobilization: Issue Engagement, Emotion, and Online Donation on Sina Weibo during the Outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  6. Yi-Xin Zhou; Taiquan Peng; Jonathan Zhu (2023) The temporal structure of information flow and its consequences: An online experiment.